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We are no longer paying for articles. We are only accepting guest posts (free content from contributors looking for visibility). If you’d like to guest post, click here.

CEO Hangout invites professional writers, journalists, and contributors to write for our blog. Our target audience is CEOs of companies with at least 50 employees and/or revenues of greater than $ 1 million. We usually like topics that have a twist and are evergreen topics.

We like longer well researched articles 750 to 1200 words with a lot of sub-headings, bullet points, and are organized.

Some authors are paid for their work, and the price needs to be agreed upon before the article is published. The rate we usually pay is $50 based on the social media reach of the author. We expect authors to share the published articles with their network on social media. In short, we are looking for two things – 1. Great content, 2. Traffic from social media.

We very rarely accept authors with low social media reach.

What type of articles do we usually pay for?

Insider views: What it’s like to work with the CEO of top companies like Google, Yahoo, Microsoft (has to be a Fortune 500 company or a company with revenues greater than $ 1 billion)? It has to be a first person experience and you should have worked with these CEOs sometime in your life. You could include unique stories and conversations you had with them. Your learning experiences, or anything that might surprise or even shock our readers.

CEO Lifestyle: If you are going into the home of a CEO of a large company (Revenue of over $ 1 billion), and writing an article about his lifestyle, dog, family, house and others. Again it has to be a first person view and the article needs to be unique not available anywhere else. You should have personally visited his home and have photographs of the same.

Case Studies: Real life case studies and examples of success in topics like marketing, sales, etc.

Interviews and Success Stories: Stories of people who have achieved incredible success in business, could be a CEO or a best selling author, written in a manner that is interesting to readers. No question and answer format please.

Book Review: A review of any best selling book related to business. The book review has to be for a book that has been on a best selling list of New York Times or at least Amazon.

Submission Guidelines

Send us the full article for review instead of a query letter, along with links to your social media profiles. If we accept your article, we will reply in 7 to 10 days. Once accepted, we buy over all rights to the article to use it however we want. The article cannot be published anywhere else.

Although we’d like to reply to every single email, it’s practically not possible because of the volume of emails we receive. If you don’t hear from us in 10 days, you are free to submit the article somewhere else.

You may send the articles to vinil [at] zaang [dot] org

Payment shall be made via paypal within 15 days after the article is published.