You might only be a few clicks away from getting your book published.

​Our dedicated and experienced publishing team has compiled a list of publishing and ghostwriting services just for you.

With our comprehensive bucket of services, get your book published and distributed worldwide.

Publishing Services

Cover design

book cover design

​A bad design shouts at you. A good design is a silent seller. Creative, customized cover designing for your book.

​Editing services

​We are highly committed to quality. We offer high quality professional manuscript editing done by a team of qualified editors.


​​Get your audio files transcribed to text by a professional transcriptionist.

​Rewriting content

​​Get a professional book writer to rewrite your content into a book format.


​​Complete page composition by typesetting experts who select the right styles and fonts making your book a good read.

Kindle Conversion

​​​Kindle is a great eBook reader and exposes your content to a large audience on Amazon. We help you convert your book to Kindle format.

Author Website

​​​​Get an author-centric website that boosts the marketing of your book and other content.