What is a Foreword and How to Write One?

People tend to write something when they are inspired to do so. It is not only the inspiration of one’s ideas but also the desire to share these ideas with…

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author platform

Building Your Influence with an Author Platform

Many successful authors, entrepreneurs, and self-employed professionals owe much of their popularity to their ability to create a personal brand that people instantly recognize and trust. If you’re looking to…

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How to Tell a Story: Storytelling Formulas

Two people can tell the exact same story, but one says it in a manner that is gripping and enticing, while the other says it in such a way that…

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self publishing

How to Self-Publish a Book? Here’s a Step-By-Step Guide

My own experience with writing has made me believe that everyone should write at least one book in their lifetime. To me, it seems as though you’re putting a message…

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self publish Amazon Createspace

Step-By-Step Process to Self-Publishing through Amazon Createspace

Whether you’re a new author looking to publish your first book, or a seasoned pro looking to expand into the world of print-on-demand books, printing and publishing your books is…

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How to Publish Your ebook on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing

One of the most frequent questions I get is “How do I publish my ebook on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing?” With the digitalization of the world, almost anyone can become…

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