How to Tell a Story: Storytelling Formulas

Two people can tell the exact same story, but one says it in a manner that is gripping and enticing, while the other says it in such a way that…

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self publishing

How to Self-Publish a Book? Here’s a Step-By-Step Guide

My own experience with writing has made me believe that everyone should write at least one book in their lifetime. To me, it seems as though you’re putting a message…

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self publish Amazon Createspace

Step-By-Step Process to Self-Publishing through Amazon Createspace

Whether you’re a new author looking to publish your first book, or a seasoned pro looking to expand into the world of print-on-demand books, printing and publishing your books is…

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How to Publish Your ebook on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing

One of the most frequent questions I get is “How do I publish my ebook on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing?” With the digitalization of the world, almost anyone can become…

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